Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blizzard Conditions in Edmonton

1 hour and 40 minutes to come to work today!  The upside is that it is my last day this week because I am off to see my friend Mary at Dancing Firs in White Rock!  Yeah!  We will be having a reading circle on the Georgia O'Keeffe biography I read recently, then, we will have a large scale flower painting lesson, then a trip to an artist who also paints in this style. We are capping off the evening with a the biopic on Georgia starring Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons.

In the plans are also hot-tubbing with a view on the Pacific ocean, hot-footing it to Vancouver to do some sight seeing and maybe hit a few bijoux stores we don't have here.  I heard that the  Gourmet Warhouse there is incredible!

On another note, during lunch, I am going to Zumba with my friend Lizette!  Watch out world, the rockin' granny is in the room!  NOT.

I'll tell you one thing though, all of this snow is not boding well for our French Bijoux show at Wellington this evening... Hmmm.

Stay warm, or cool, whatever the case may be!



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