Sunday, July 20, 2014

When do You Know You Have Arrived?

Today, on Corey's post, she asks: How do you find your way?  My answer to her blog post spurred this one.

When I arrive at Marignane airport, it's the herb-y, resiny smell of Provence that welcomes. Then, when the Mont Sainte-Victoire appears to my left, I am really on my way. The Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin where Mary Magdalene's remains are said to reside, is another milestone further on.
Then,  after the hairpin curve, then, when the three parasol pines, stand, majestic on my right, I am only kilometers away from home. At the sign that proclaims 1600 years of rosé wine making in my area, although I haven't stepped through the door yet, I know I have arrived.

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The drive from the airport is a little over and hour but is always a pleasure, at least until the turn off the Provençale to Brignoles when suddenly, I become impatient to get home. By this time, the 20+ hours of travel are kicking in and I have to remind myself to be in the moment, open a window and breathe.  Then the comments come: "It really is beautiful isn't it? I mean, it's not just us, others have said the same, that this place is magical, enchanting, soul nurturing."

Six years we've been coming here, to the magical place and it doesn't get old. My soul sings here, my body vibrates with the energy here.  I drink the water from the fountain across the street, the sunshine on my balcony and from the deep, deep well of joy that resides in my heart.



stadtgarten said...

Wonderful post!
I could absolutely sign this!
Bisous de Valensole, Monika

Stella said...

Wow! You live in Valensole?

Can I Say BB in France? said...

I know you have arrived when their is laughter in the air, and an added sparkle above! Cannot wait to see you,

Stella said...

Ditto DC