Friday, July 4, 2014

The New Camera

My guy says that I should have a good camera.  I've been very happy with my iPhone or the odd little sure shot kind of thingey as I am a "point and shoot" kind of girl.

Well, I got a new Canon Rebel EOS T3i... I think that this is too much camera for me.  Just the instruction manual is intimidating.  I'm not the read the book before you use it kind of girl. I like to play.

So yesterday, we had a couple of couples over for drinks...

My Darling

Isn't she lovely?

W. likes to have his picture taken

J. told me to use the telephoto lens for these  

Watch J. do the dance of the seven veils

 I'm liking this serious camera stuff.




labergerebasque said...

I am liking you are liking them :-)

Stella said...

Merci Bergère, nice to have you back!

Do Not be Camera Shy said...

Oh la la!! Lovely gift lovely photos!

Lizette said...

These photos make me smile!
Quelle belle soirée.