Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cleaning a Crawl Space/Treasure-Hunting

If you asked me what activities I do not like to engage in, I would answer: solving the Rubic's Cube, reading the Income Tax Act, playing Bridge, running and now, I would add: cleaning a crawl space.

We've been readying for a garage sale for what seems to be forever.  First we had to clean the garage, then set up our new gardening shed, then, we had to clean the crawl space.  This last activity has me panting and sweating hard.  Picture this: you are on your knees or crouching while tugging, pulling and lifting boxes containing anything from canning jars to toys to books (V's got about 25-30 boxes of books and papers that we will not talk about today).

We've been at it every other day or so for what it seems like 2 weeks.  I could honestly tell you that we are not more than 75% through.  V. is doing his own boxes at a later date...

There is nothing more discouraging that a mountain of junk buried beneath the house in cramped, dark quarters.

I did however, discover treasures worth mentioning here:

1. Prismacolor crayon sets - two of them, one for each son.  I have since started coloring and enjoy it very much.

2. This old figurine which V. assures me is very precious.  Unfortunately Marguerite has had her head glued back on and is missing a flower in her basket.

 3. I've rediscovered another family heirloom, this cup and saucer made by Rosenthal in the 1920s.  The pattern is called Jsolde and we have 3 cups and one saucer left from a tea set.

You have to know that the few pieces that we have survived a war, a nighttime escape from Czechoslovakia to Austria in 1948(V. was a wee lad and had to be drugged so he wouldn't speak Romanian when they got to the train), a refugee camp, a move to the south of France, a boat ride to Canada and a move from Montreal to Alberta.  They are a testament to the human spirit...




labergerebasque said...

Incredible... what stories are yet to be told!

C said...

What a lovely ending to a fun tale. I want to know V what are in those boxes really? xxx