Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meet Pierre-Paul RB

Pierre-Paul has been visiting with his cousin Penelope and is headed back to France soon,  where he will rejoin his family.
Pierre-Paul is enjoying the cooler summer, the maple syrup and local honey.  He cuts a dashing figure doesn't he?  We have told him that he might consider wearing shorts but he is very attached to his velvet pants. In the south of France where he comes from, it's 35 degrees right now so our climes are a little chilly for him.

He laughs as easily as he naps and that is often. He has a fondness for rabbits, naturally and is quite the athlete.  Rock climbing, diving, swimming in lakes, rivers and seas are amongst his favorite sports.  Aside from that, he plays a mean game of spoons!

Other than that, he's just a very nice guy and the fact that he is rather handsome only makes him more endearing.

We will miss him.


1 comment:

Easter Bunny said...

Jealous! Stinkin' cute! Velvet pants and hippie flower child ears! That vest!!!