Saturday, August 17, 2013

We are Home

After 23 hours from door to door, we are finally home. We did have a small but really fun detour.  As we had tenants staying at our apartment, we stayed with a friend overnight.  It's so good to see really good friends... even after a year, we took up where we left off and never looked back.

So, I'm writing you from our living room at Stella.  Feet propped on the coffee table, having a glass of spring water from the fountain on our street, a fan pointed directly at me, I'm in a very good place to tell you how things are.

After lunch, I climbed over the the railing and with my feet in the stream that flows in front of our balcony, I did a little cleaning out of dead branches and weeds.  Pruned the bay tree too. It's a little cleaner but not clean enough.  I have to sweep the leaves that fell last winter and jump onto my neighbor's property and cut those horrible brambles that grow below the stone wall.  They are the worse I tell you!  Where I come from, there aren't many brambles around.  The very first time I stayed here in 1999, I thought they were blackberries!!

Anyhow, after one 14 hour sleep and another 12 hour sleep, I am feeling myself again.  After spending a few hours putting the apartment to rights, I am just about ready to step out and become a part of the goings-on outside our apartment. Although I must tell you that the gardens look very sorry indeed.  We will have to spend a couple of days setting it to rights.

More from la Provence verte later.


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D said...

Glad to hear that you got there safe and sound! Enjoy yourselves and Cotignac in the fall. Don't you dare look at that calendar for a LONG time...