Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Renovations planned and unplanned are taking place at our little apartment.  Planned is the taking down of the closet in the master bedroom because it is badly placed.  Bought and delivered on Friday is the armoire that will take the place of the aforementioned closet.

Not the armoire of my dreams because it is a mere 35 or 40 years old.  The really beautiful and ornate armoires are TOO tall for modern buildings.  Nobody tells you that, oh no...   So you go out to the brocante with your heart full of scrolled peaked armoires and realize you would need a step stool to hang your clothes!

Here is a picture of the chosen armoire.  Chosen for it's height and width and color and bits of scroll work here and there  but without the peaky top.  It is a three door armoire and we have to refit each section with a bar on which to hang our clothes.  I'm thinking 2 parts for me and one for V.

Granted, this armoire is cute and will fit perfectly in our space.  I'm grateful and happy with our purchase.  Here is a picture of the armoire of my dreams...

Lovely, but we would have to have sawn off the feet or the peak...  NOT!

Now, we just have to get our armoire up the stairs.  No problem!  It comes apart by lifting off the top! Isn't that clever?


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