Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mornings in Provence

Town center

This was a dress shop last year.  This year it's for rent.
 V. and I took a little walk through town this morning.  A few things have changed since last year.  Businesses closed, others opened.  I made an appointment with the Institut de Beauté for a pedicure, stopped by the Poissonnerie for some Coquille St-Jacques and looked at the prices of real estate.

There are still a lot of tourists in town.  I notice a lot of babies and toddlers and I wonder if it's because of my recent experience as a great aunt... The market was packed solid yesterday.  Traffic jams abounded in the main alley.  I saw Stéphane the saucisson man and the cheese lady and the olive man.  They are a fixture in our little town's Tuesday market.  We sat and enjoyed a beer on the square at an old but newly named bar and people-watched.

As we made our short way home down the narrow, steeped street that is ours, I felt the possibilities of nine weeks stretched out in front of me and I liked it.



Anonymous said...

Provence te va bien!

labergerebasque said...

I like it too :)