Monday, August 19, 2013

Settling Down

Having a beer at Le Modern Bar after the brocante

It always takes about 4 or 5 days to settle down.  Deal with the jet lag, get the digestive system back in order (air plane food and travel stress), and land, really land in France, as in: get used to the car and the roads and the food and the singing tones of the native speakers and kissing on two cheeks instead of reaching out a hand for a shake.

Today we went to the new supermarket just outside of town.  It is small, clean and has about 80% of what we need.  Normally, we have to drive to the next town or to Brignoles, the closest city, to shop at Leclerc which is a really big supermarket like Superstore that we have back home.

V. has to go to Brignoles this afternoon to pay for our condo fees and see SFR (our ADSL provider) about some difficulties we are experiencing with our receiver.  We've never had difficulties with this before but I suspect that the arrival of digital TV, our box is almost obsolete.  Nobody forewarned us about this, it's our job to discover, diagnose and relate this to the person at the store who will then try to guess what the problem is, write a little report and order a new box.  

While in Brignoles, V. also has to pick up  items at Leclerc.  My poor lamb has been dealing with what we believe may be an abscess since our departure from Canada. It hasn't been easy for him but he is rallying.  He visited his dentist the day before he left and luckily was given a prescription for antibiotics as the dentist could not really tell what his problem was.  We have found a dentist in town and V. will be visiting soon.

Tomorrow is market day and our friends and their friends are coming for lunch.  I'll be making orzo and roasted veg. salad and smoked salmon with creme fraiche and dill on blinis.  The rest: cheese, cantaloupe, olives, we will get at the market.

Have a good day!


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J'ai hate d'apprendre de tes aventures!