Monday, August 12, 2013

The Distant Hours

I finished reading this book in about four days.  It is longish, 560 pages on Kindle, about 80 pages too long because of some rambling on. BUT, in true Kate Morton style, she keeps you reading and reading to find out more about the three Blythe sisters living in a castle in Kent.
If you like mystery, then you are in for a treat.  Narrator and central character Edith Burchill's mother was evacuated from London as a child and ended up spending over a year with the Blythe sisters.  Her mother is tight-lipped about her stay there and there have been two suspicious deaths and one disappearance linked to the Blythe family.  Will Edith get the answers she is seeking in order to understand the Blythe story and consequently, her mother? 
 There's some good writing in this literary suspense that keeps you trucking despite its long-windedness. If you happen to see it on a bookshelf, grab it, a long cool drink and sit on your patio/deck for a summer mystery treat.

To find out more about Kate Morton, visit her website here.


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