Sunday, July 28, 2013


Week after week, I write this blog.  I do it for the joy of sharing but also in the hope of reaching like-minded people.  Very few people take the time to comment.  In fact, I get less than 1 comment per week.

Here are some reasons why people do not comment:

1. You are unable to comment for some technical reason.  If so, please write me to let me know(see my email address on the side bar).

2. You are not a commenter.  If so, please make an exception and let me know you are there.

3. You are a commenter but as very few people comment, you are getting out of the habit.  Please comment and let me know you are there.

If I get 5 comments/email messages in 3 days, I will take it as a sign that you want me to continue.

Thank you to all of you who come by.  It is because of you that I do this.



labergerebasque said...

Oh Please continue! I LOVE reading your blog…but the few blogs I read I seem to do so in “bulk,” meaning I catch up with a few posts/per blog when I get to sit down and blog. So hang in there :)

Stella said...

Merci Bergère!

Anonymous said...

Stella ... I've left a few messages. I also LOVE your blog. Tu es une inspiration! Depuis lontemps ... merci! RB

Stella said...

Message reçu. Merci RaBr!

Merisi said...

Hang in there!

Comments are great, I ADORE those who take the time and comment, especially because I KNOW it is not easy to find the time to do it.

elsy said...

please continue, time is so precious i barely manage to read all the blogs i love, never mind comment. but you took the time to leave me a lovely comment so i will be more thoughtful and show appreciation in future , even a word or two.....looking forward to seeing your quilting!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop! I always look forward to reading your blog with its inspirational messages.

Stella said...

Thank you sister D. for your time and your encouragement!

bgrtfl said...

I too love reading your blog! Please continue. I'm catching up as you can see. Thanks for the inspiration you are to me. Love Your SA Sister, Nancy