Thursday, July 25, 2013


How often do people exclaim: "You are so creative!  I'm not that creative..." Creativity is a state of mind.  It is a willingness to try, to play, to experiment.  Dabbling, puttering, fiddling are all processes of creativity but the most important ingredient is the desire to do so.

Before you say you are not creative, think. Creativity has thousands of forms of expression.  Very few people I know are not creative, they just think that if they are not practicing an art, they are not creative.

Think creative thinking and problem solving for example.  They often manifest as actions and outcomes that are not visible as a painting or a poem.  The important thing is to keep the ability to problem solve or to think creatively alive; practice it and notice it, then, dare to apply these abilities to different areas of your life.

Tell yourself that you are playing.  When you are playing, there are no risks, no failures because you are doing it to amuse yourself.  When the element of risk is removed, you are able to enter the state of mind where the outcome is not important, it is called flow.  When you are in flow, some of the most wonderful things can happen.

Practice playing.  It is good for your creativity.



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