Saturday, July 13, 2013

Staying Put Soon

Over the last week I've had several social engagements.  Tomorrow is the last one for at least another week.  We leave for France in about a month but there is much to do yet.

A few things done:

- old back fence taken down
- new fence went up yesterday
- deck taken down
- two dinner parties for friends from work
- ad stuff done for this fall's Wellington Reads (We are doing Annette Vallon by James Tipton)
- flags for tomorrow's Fête de la Bastille at Wellington Garden Center
- laundry
- sale of a few antique medals to shore up the coffers
- purchase of TGV tickets Marseille-Paris

To do:

- baby shower for my niece
- dinner party for 1 group of friends who we see in Mexico
- visit Dad with my sister D.  (this means a 450 km drive one way)
- Reading circle end of the year pot-luck
- house cleaning
- packing

In the meantime, I have been enjoying another TV series on Netflix.  This one is lighthearted and very funny, so very British.  Set in Cornwall, this comedy features a very fine doctor with zero emotional intelligence. Give it a watch why don't ya!

As I write this, a tiny mouse is wondering around my bedroom.  Yes! a mouse!  When V. and our son D. took down the deck, they left the door open and in came our little friend.  We have set traps and changed the bait three times to no avail.  Blue cheese, Fontina, peanut butter are not the mouse magnets we thought they would be.  We even left the door open, hoping against hope that our little buddy would scram.  In 31 years living in this house, it is the second time we have a mouse.

Yep, there's a mouse in the house...



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