Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Session

Blown away by this movie. It is based on the true story of Mark O'Brien,  a paraplegic who lives most of his life in an iron lung.  He's in his early forties and he wants to experience love and physical intimacy before his "best before" date.

Enter sex surrogate Cheryl played by Helen Hunt.  Now, I've never been a fan of this actress but her acting in this movie is stellar.  She's genuinely believable in her role as a compassionate professional who's job it is to help people with disabilities explore and experience their sexuality.

John Hawkes who plays Mark is an unknown to me actor but he plays his role with aplomb.  He's had polio and been in an iron lung since the age of six.  A religious man, he seeks the advice of his parish priest played by the incredible William H. Macy and once he gets the go ahead from his confessor/friend, he embarks on a series of sessions with Cheryl.

This is a breathtakingly understated film, so tender and genuine in its exploration of disability, mortality and intimacy that you scarcely notice how deftly it breaks your heart.
 I watched in on Netflix and I know that in a few days, it will still be with me.

A must see.  I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Tica said...

I too enjoyed this movie, so it last winter. Well acted. Moving.