Thursday, April 26, 2012

She Has Just Turned 70!

I think she qualifies as a grande dame don't you? Barbra has been around for a long time.  Do you remember this outfit?  I do!  That is very telling.  It created a furor in 1969 when she won for her Fanny Brice role in Funny Girl. That movie melted our hearts and dazzled our eyes with the costumes and her larger-than-life persona.

I guess what I love about Barbra Streisand is her will and her Independence.  She leads the life that she wants without apology.  Why would anyone apologize for having created a small street of shops to display her collections?  Ms. Streisand has talent, money and an eye for beautiful things.

I watched The Way We Were last night and found myself crying at the end, just like I did all those years ago when it came out (you just didn't/don't miss a Streisant movie) She IS Katie in that movie who lets go of her true love because she can't let go of being herself.

She's an original...

Happy Birthday Babs!



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bgrtfl said...

I have always,always adored anything Barbara!
Thanks to your post... you have helped me to discover why. It's the authentic life she leads!
Many Thanks!