Monday, April 2, 2012


I had a good Spring break.  Not great, but good.  I did some mending and ironing, washed my fridge, visited my friend at the hospital.  Then I travelled with my sister to visit our almost 91 year old Dad who is still living in his home. He was not feeling well and was a little crotchety.  We spent a good 6 or 7 hours cleaning the house...

I had some quality time with V., finished reading l'Ombre du vent (more about this next time) for my next reading circle. We saw two movies:  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Tintin on Apple TV. 

V. and I also made the decision to help his daughter with a down-payment for a home.  So we visited a property and had a long talk with her and her husband about it.

V. and I are wanting to see our chicks settled so that we can begin our new lives together in retirement. This past year, our oldest son T. has entered medical school, our youngest D. took a year off from his studies, earned money and bought a car, cash and now V.'s daughter may be buying a home. D. is heading back to school this fall and V. may be flying out to visit T. in Anguilla during his semester break.

At the end of August, T. will be half way through his 16 month basic medical sciences program.  We Skyped with him last night and could see that he is getting very tired.  The pace is accelerated and studying takes up most of his waking time. He is passionate about medicine.  Thank goodness.

August will also mark our return from France and my niece's wedding in Banff.  God willing, all will go well and everyone will be in the right place at the right time.

I am finding that I am getting a little anxious about the future.  Hoping that T. makes it through, that D. finds his niche and that M. finally gets a home.  Mostly, I pray that my darling V. stays healthy so that we can finally enjoy our time together in retirement.

Enough said about the past and the future. 

Today is a bright, sunny day in Alberta.  Temperatures are mild.  It's Monday and being back to work after a week of holidays is good. 

I am a lucky girl.

xo Stella


labergerebasque said...
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labergerebasque said...

WOW. Yes, you are lucky. As are those who are cared for by you :)