Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kale Chips

 I have taken a liking to Kale Chips.  They are a fun snack, they don't hurt my tummy, are easy to digest and are good for you.  What else can you ask for from a snack?

Monday night our friend Michelle the vegetarian was over for supper as she is going to be staying at our apartment in Provence for two weeks this month.  It was a sort of handing over of the keys event.  I served salads, cheeses, a wonderful tapenade made with figs (recipe here) and... kale chips.

Appetizers served with Proseco as M. is also
going to Italy for a few days.
Kale chips are easy to make and are relatively inexpensive.  They even made a hit with my meat and potatoes man, François last month.  Here is the recipe.  I am going to experiment with different seasonings and let you know.



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