Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Simply Sympli

About two years ago, I discovered this clothing line.  I absolutely love it!  All the pieces are made of a heavy jersey fabric that drapes so well.  Pieces come in a multitude of styles and colors.  I always feel pretty when I wear my Sympli outfits.  I have three and am about to get a fourth and fifth.

I'm getting this one to travel to Europe this summer.  The pants will be the cropped version of this style.  The color is yet to be decided.

Don't assume that this line is only for middle-aged women, it has really funky looks for the young and slim, and even not so slim.  Sympli is slimming too.  The cuts are so clever as to conceal most lumps and bumps and make the wearer look fabulous darling!  You can dress it up or down and always, always be comfortable. With or without great jewelry, women look like women in these.

Here is a video of theSympli line feature on City TV in Canada. Sympli is a Canadian line made out of Vancouver. You can access their website here for more information on styles.




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Lizette said...

I need that flirt skirt!