Monday, October 10, 2011

Just 21 Months to Go!

Yes, I am approaching retirement and am giving it my last big burst of energy to make it to the end of year 31.

We have had a year of evolution and changes. All of them for the better.

I was ill last fall, devoted myself to better health, changed jobs and am moving along just very well thank you!

Our oldest son T, at 22 is getting ready to leave home forever. He starts at a school of Medicine in January and is going to be several thousand kilometres away.

V. Is on his last year as principal at a high school and the baby, D. 19 is working for a year before going back to complete his Phys Ed degree.

Now that we are caught up, I will endeavour to post a few times a week.

Thank you Donna for your encouragement and support.

Bonne journée,


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