Monday, October 24, 2011


Yesterday I watched A Song for Martin (2001) on Netflix, a Swedish production starring two actors who were married in real life.  Sadly, the wife died the year that the movie came out, of cancer.

This is a profoundly touching story about a second marriage, a shared passion and eventual goodbye.  I highly recommend it for its visual and spiritual soul wrenching beauty.  This couple is beautiful to watch as they fall in love and feel overwhelming gratitude for this second chance at love.  The film, shot in Sweden is stunning in its visual simplicity and is a perfect backdrop for a calm but passionate love story.

A second, poignant story with Alzheimer's playing a leading role is the Canadian production Away From Her (2006) starring Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent.  Like A Song for MartinAway from Her is beautifully shot in a rugged natural background.  The couple is also middle aged and in love, but they have been together for many years.  Watching the husband struggle to let go of his gorgeous wife is heart-achingly sad but beautiful at the same time as he finds his balance and says yes to life.

Here are two movies about mature people, love, intimacy and loss.  They are worth seeing.  You cannot come away from the viewing without giving some thought to what life holds for you in the coming years.

 Mostly, I feel grateful for what I have and I am reminded that life must be lived fully and savoured at the moment it is served.

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