Thursday, March 3, 2016

Chef's Table

When I came across this series on Netflix, I wasn't expecting it to be so compelling, so complex and multi-dimensional.  It's a documentary series of six episodes, each featuring a different world-class chef sheds the light not only on the professional but on the man, his family, his philosophy of life, his passion, his mission, his weaknesses and his failures.
Oops! I dropped the lemon tart

Each episode is the story of how a person came to be one of the 50 most renowned cooks in the world, what privileges that kind of celebrity brings him and what it costs him.  I have watched the three first episodes and each one is very different,  as unique as the chef who is featured, and with an accent on what makes him singular.  One of them likes to cook with fire in Patagonia, another is deeply concerned and committed to producing food that tastes like it should and serves it up in his farm-to-table restaurant.  A third, an Italian has recreated classic Italian fare into modern, edgy, sparse, artistic pigeon-splatter-looking-food...

No, I'm serious about the pigeon-spatter-looking food.  Watch it, you'll see...

It's a love song to the creative process. If we're lucky, there will be be a season 2.



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