Sunday, March 27, 2016

Creative Soul Series: Marthe Armitage Wallpapers

Trawling through Pintrest as I am known to do almost daily, I ran across this creative soul from Chiswick.  Marthe Armitage has been drawing and making lino cut prints since the 60s when as a young mother, she started designing wallpaper in her home.

I am mesmerized by them...

This one is called Gardeners
This one is Alphabet
This is called Cobweb and I think it is my favorite.
Cobweb in gold
Angelica, her first design

The print above is called Pagoda and would look smashing behind the floating shelves flanking the fireplace in Sister D's living room.  They custom print in whatever colors you choose... Must be a hefty price tag attached though...

Check out this video of her working with her daughter in her garage/studio.  She must be in her 80s.  When I am 80, I want to be like Marthe Armitage.  Just have to come up with a talent for something...



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