Saturday, March 5, 2016

House Rejuvenation - Project #1

Our house is turning 33 years old.  It's the only house we've ever had.  Over the years, it's had quite a number of fix-ups.  This is the last round of fix ups before we sell it. We'd like to live here a few more years before we downsize.  It's a 4-level front to back split and it's a little tattered around the edges.

If you remember, a couple summers ago I repainted the exterior of the house and we had landscaping done in the front, a new double deck in the back.

It's time to look inside now and do what needs to be done.  Best place to start?  The foyer.  I have no before picture only this one with a new entrance bench.  We used to have a little console table with two tiny drawers and a tiny bench beneath it.  It was from the Bombay Company. This new bench allows us to sit comfortably to remove winter boots and has plenty of storage. What's not to like?

Now for the wallpaper.  I am leaning towards the feeling in the two samples below, it is cheerful and uplifting. The first of the two is called Cow Parsley by  Cole and Son and is completely unaffordable and the second is Parkland by Thibaut. I know that if I wanted to be stylish, my wallpaper would be grey or turquoise but our house is an open concept and if I went that way, I would have to redecorate the living room, dining room and den too.  Not going there.  The wallpaper will cover the walls of the entrance and climb up the first flight of stairs and wrap around the two dining room walls.


The Parkland is a softer yellow making for a more subtle statement but the price point isn't prohibitive.




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