Monday, October 27, 2014

Venice Shops and Gorgeousness


Love paper too, here at Il Papiro

Venetians like Parisians, do luxury items very well...

Venetia Studium
Image via Google

Image via Google

When it was sure that we were visiting Venice, I researched fabric stores because there's nothing I like better than gorgeous fabrics for the home or for making into clothes.  Venice seemed like THE place to get beautiful fabrics.
Bevilacqua and Studium seemed to be the go-to places.  Go to them we did but were stopped in our tracks by prices.
Still, we could afford to take pictures, and when I said they were for my blog, I was allowed to take more than one.
In my town, I believe Fabricland is the major source of fabrics and gorgeousness is not readily available.
Where do you get gorgeous fabrics?

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Needle without a Thread said...

That is the question we all want to know! And patterns! Miss you WR!

Stella said...

Hey DC! You know where to find fabric at least! Missing you too!