Tuesday, October 14, 2014

La Serenissima

After an eight hour drive in torrential rains, we made it to Venice.  Four of us, united in our worry and our determination.  At one point, we looked for bridges to take cover during the hailstorm that accompanied the torrential rains.

Upon our arrival in the city, it's like a giant hand reached out and turned off the tap. Venice opened her arms and heart to us and lead us safely home in minutes.

Today, it was 22 degrees and dry.

This pigeon posed, literally, for this picture.    
Venice is a truly glorious city, meant to be walked and enjoyed at a slow pace.  The spaghetti vongole lunch was simple and delicious, the company delightful.

Although it's easy to be distracted by the too numerous shops carrying all manner of venitian goods from China, every street, bridge and around every corner is a feast for the eyes.  It's aqua alta time but no aqua is flooding St. Mark's square for the time being. 

As I write this, a man is singing O Sole Mio from somewhere in the labyrinth that is Venice. We've decided to let Venice lead us where she might for the rest of our sojourn.

Life is very good.

Stella et compagnie


Lizette said...

O Sole Mio...The sun, my own sun.
What a wonderful thing a sunny day!

Envious said...