Tuesday, October 7, 2014

An Afternoon in Sillans... and a Misfortune

They used to live in our building.  We stayed in touch.  Every season in Cotignac, we invite them for lunch and then they invite us for lunch.  It works.  We talk and talk and laugh and share dreams and opinions, we widen our horizons then we kiss kiss until next year.

They happen to live in the town known for it's 45 meter (about 150 feet) waterfall. 
Our friends have done a lot of work around their property and they live a
beautiful, peaceful life in the woods.
Off to the waterfall after lunch, before coffee and dessert.
This is Gary, he is a well-looked-after-beloved and content little dog.

After a delicious three-course-lunch, we took a 25 minute hike to the waterfall.  I had seen it before but I was gobsmacked when we arrived at the "belvedere".  So speechless that I lifted my camera to take a picture and my Gucci prescription sunglasses went bing, bang and plop into the lake below.

Those who know me, know that this is not a first for me.  When will I learn not to place my sunglasses on my head!  Though I must say, the first time it happened, some 20 years ago, they fell into the hole in an outhouse as I bent over to help my little boy off the pot, so to speak... No one wanted to help fish them out... Today, I had three men trying to think of ways to get down there but other than scaling a cliff, it was impossible.

I'll be heading off to Venice sunglassless unless of course I see some nice ones there. Hehehe, sounds like a plan.


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