Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do You Know the Way to St-Tropez?

 Once or twice after the school children have gone back to school, we make our way across the hills to St-Tropez.  We go to Tiki Beach, on the plage de Pampelonne at Ramatuelle. They are often referred to as the beaches of St-Tropez but in fact, they are just a little way out of town.  The rental of lounge chairs and a parasol costs 36 euros for a day and is well worth it. We bring a bottle of the water from the fountain on our street and we usually buy lunch on the beach.  There are about 50% less people and the weather is more moderate than in July and August.

We lounge and read and sleep and swim and lounge some more.  Then we walk a little, swim one last time and head home after about 5 hours.  The swimming was great today.  It was warm, wavy and salty and,  as I clung to V. for some wave jumping, we laughed and giggled and let our inner child frolic to it's heart's content.

Nothin' like a day at the beach to soothe the soul.



Lizette said...

That looks so beautiful and relaxing. And thank you for putting that song in a loop in my brain.

Stella said...

Don't you complain Lizette, I've had: Let's Go Fly a Kite from Saving Mr. Banks in MY head for the last three days!