Friday, September 12, 2014

An Evening in Cassis

Yesterday, I was getting my hair done at my friend's house, then leaving to go to the brocante and passing by Ikea to pick up shome bed sheets.

Well, I got my hair done...

The rest, was pure magic:  laughter, camaraderie, good food, smiles, a walk down the beach, loud-talking, goofing off, gratitude and a long drive home.

Every dinner begins with an aperitif.  This is a Pastis Bar

Three friends having a Pastis before dinner.

Name a brand of Pastis, you will find it here. V. liked the windowfront.

Every dinner should have good food and good company. Check.
As we approach the mid-way mark in our 11 week holiday, we have to say that it's been everything we'd hoped... and more.  Provence is an indisputedly beautiful context but the real difference is made by the people you share time with.



martina said...

Hey, I recognize Corey and Yann! Looks like a very fun time.

Stella said...

You got it Martina!

labergerebasque said...
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labergerebasque said...

Looks like such a fun group :-) Someday getting off this farm for visits other than medical, will happen to us too and we can join you :-)