Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Perfect Day in Aix

We live in the country when we are in France.  It's quiet, lush, water tinkling all around us.  Here, we get to hear what we think, listen to our hearts and be completely at peace.

But once in a while, we need the rush of a city: sights, people, shopping, shopping... shopping.

Enter: Aix-en-Provence, a perfect jewel of a city of about 143,000 lucky inhabitants.  The architecture, history, art and culture are breathtaking, the shopping, really good (especially on market days) and the food can be lip-smackingly delicious.

That was yesterday.  We took our recently-widowed neighbor with us and she brought her dog.
V. and Balou

V. likes to take care of Balou.  We've never had a dog and Balou is charming.  He's a boy dog, so it evens  out the group. Balou misses his master and V. is happy for another male's company so it all works out.

We did some market shopping, some brocante shopping, some shops shopping, ate great salads at Le Verdun (thanks to DC's suggestion) and exhausted, we headed for the 50 odd minute ride home, thirsty for some natural spring water and... peace!

Best of both worlds have we.

Stella, replete.

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stadtgarten said...

Aix is such a beautiful city, I love to be there! But it is also a very big contrast to our village in Provence, as it is so busy there. I can perfectly understand that you loved to come home again to your little village.
We will be in Valensole soon, I'll let you know when we are there.
Have a good time, Monika