Friday, August 8, 2014

Lift Off

As I am writing this post, lift off is scheduled in 8.5 hours. I've watered the plants, unlocked my phone to receive a French Sim card, packed but not closed my bags, said goodbye to our two sons, my 93-year-old Dad, Sister D and my friend next door,  Brenda.

How do you pack for 3 months?  Very thoughtfully. Last year, we had a three month summer in Cotignac in August, September and October.  I wore a sweater once.

Yesterday, I sent this picture to our deck-builder for next year's project: a third deck.  Do we need a third deck?  No! this is where my vegetable garden used to be until we traveled to France every year.  Next year, it's going to be a third deck with chairs and a fire pit table, entirely justified in Canada.

Image via Pinterest
The year after that, in 2016,  we'd like to put up a pergola in the section to the left of the door.  Consider this post an official Dream Board.  What do you think? Any other ideas to offer?
Image via Pinterest
Now, I've got to get ready to go...

Have a great day!



stadtgarten said...

Have a good flight and a wonderful time in Provence!
Bisous, Monika

Stella said...

Thanks Monika!

Linda said...

Your idea for the fire pit table on the new deck and a pergola is terrific! We have a pergola on our deck, overlooking the meadow behind our house. I love it!

Enjoy your trip to France!

Stella said...

Although the view won't be great, we think that this deck will be just right for cool Canadian nights!