Sunday, August 3, 2014

15 lbs Down

This winter when I taught a semester at the university, I put on about 4-5 lbs on my already round body.  I didn't want to go to France with the extra baggage so at the beginning of May, I promised myself to lose 15 lbs before lift off.

The 15 lbs have been lifted off.

Now my short term (11 week) goal is to take off 2 lbs while I'm there.  Is this realistic?  I hesitate to say maintain my weight loss because I may become complacent.  Hence, the 2 lb weight loss goal.  Only problem is, I haven't a scale in France...

Only problem is, I want France and my rosé too.

I can do it.  Can't I?

I can, I can, I can!



D said...

Good for you... YES you CAN !

Bravo!! said...