Monday, August 11, 2014

Virtue or Virago?

I am in France, sitting in my bed.  I have pulled a muscle in my side pulling weeds, cutting the brambles and trimming the bay tree that grow around the stream that flows outside the French doors, by the balcony.  So I'm sitting up in bed (more painful than lying down by the way) watching one of my favorite French actors in an interview given at the Élysée palace in February.

 Je suis extrêmement exigeant et je trouve que l'exigence c'est une des plus belles vertus du monde. (I am extremely demanding, and I find that being demanding is one of life's most beautiful virtues.)
                                                                                                                             -Vincent Lindon

I am demanding.  I feel it more often now that I am retired.  I demanded that the garage be cleaned, that the yard be redone, that the crawl space be uncluttered.  I demand a better life.  I expect it, but I also put my back into it. I am not satisfied with "good enough", I want better.

Not always 'agréable' for the people around me but the results are consistently appreciated.

Prostrate Stella