Saturday, May 10, 2014

4 Phase Home Exterior Enhancement Project.

We have been living in our present home, our one and only, since 1983.  Over the years, with summer travel, we had neglected the general exterior of our home.  We are in our second year of our yard enhancement project as we began last summer with the construction of new decks in the back yard.

The house itself needs a paint job, garage needs deep cleaning and re-organizing and... the landscaping is looking very sad indeed.

Enter Eric and his landscaping team.  They have been stripping, digging, grading and tamping for the last three days and today, they are starting the interlocking brick pavements.

I've almost finished painting the front of the house and have half of the garage done.  I am doing 5 gallons of paint and two gallons of trim this summer and will see where that takes me. 

We've bought a couple of tall cedars to continue the back yard enhancement and purchased a new barbecue which was baptized last night making V. a happy boy.

Phases three and four will see us completing the house exterior paint and back yard landscaping.  This will be the last major outdoor enhancement project for us with this home.  We intend to stay put for another while and then will probably opt for a smaller, more easily manageable property.

Here is a photo of our new home in 1983. I'm in the middle with my in-laws. Notice the spruce baby.

Here is a more recent photo from Google Maps. I can't seem to locate a recent picture of the house... strange.  You can't see it, but the spruce is now 45 feet tall!

Here is our son D. breaking up the concrete at the bottom of the front steps. It's end of April but really cold, hence the toque.

Will show some after photos soon!



Ladder Goddess said...

I cannot wait to see the finished deal! But in the meantime I want to see:
1) V BBQing with a beer in his hand.
2) You my darling standing on the ladder, in a swimsuit painting.
3) A bird's nest in that cyprus tree.
4) You and V standing at my door!!
5) The wart is a wart right???

Stella said...

The wart is a kerathocantoma, a benign growth!

You are too funny!

Frog Control said...

Stop kissing frogs you already have your Prince! thankful you are ok.