Monday, May 26, 2014

House Painting and Meditation

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Over the last three weeks, I have been spending a fair amount of time house painting.  My five gallons for this year are almost done. As painting a cedar house is a lot of work, I've divided the task into two five-gallon summers. I'm done painting all the surfaces I promised myself I would do but alas, there is almost a gallon left... I can't let it go, so I guess I may just have to get rid of the bottom of the 5 gallon container by starting on the lower half of  "The Big Wall". The big wall is the west side of our house that is two stories high.

Over the last three weeks, I've also been taking a meditation course every Tuesday and Thursday night.  Why talk about painting and meditation in the same post?  Well, painting has become a kind of meditation for me and it's been really good.

When you are painting a house outdoors you are well, spending time outdoors and the repetitive motion of covering thirsty wood with paint, getting it right, not painting over the lines is a meditative activity for me.  My mind is free of mundane details and monkey brain type of thinking.  Thus, I have relaxed and liberated myself from a lot burdensome useless thoughts not to mention, inhabited my body in a way that I haven't done in years.

Saturday, I was on the roof painting the chimney and various vents...

Next, I have to inserts slats into an 125 foot fence.  I hope this will feel meditative too, as opposed to  well, dull and boring.

Talk to you later.



Lizette said...

Congratulations on the completion of this huge project! I can see how the activity of painting could be quite "meditative" but I cannot believe that you were up there on the roof!

Stella said...

Thank you Lizette! Great things come with a sense of freedom...

You feel like you can "climb way up to the top of the stairs and all my cares just drift right into space
On the roof it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below can't bother me"

xo Stella

Richmond Gordon said...
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Richmond Gordon said...

If that isn't an interesting intersect, meditation and house painting. I figure one would lead to another inevitably, since house painting entails a lot of thought process. You don't exactly just go brushing away, since the ensuing look is going to be quite permanent, or at least long lasting. Might as well make the effort count, right? Proper painting service should more than provide that.

Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters