Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I've been working outside since the mild weather came, painting the exterior of the house.  My five gallon pail is nearing its end which means that I'm almost done.  I'm doing half the house this year and the other half next year.  Sounds weird to stop midway,  but since there's a natural break caused by the Virginia Creeper covered south wall, it's hardly noticeable.

I can't post before pictures because my computer is indeed fried.  The good news is that I am getting a brand new Mac Book Pro, identical to my 16 month old fried computer for a very modest sum.  (Apple has been very generous in offering me compensation for the multiple visits to the Apple Store). V. had the foresight to back up all my files on a hard drive, but I don't want to download these on his computer.  He has been very good sharing his with me...

The front landscaping has been done but the dumpster is still on our driveway (the company is now one week late picking it up). The sod is greening and the plants are starting to feel at home.  Once the trim is painted, the front will be all done.
New interlocking brick

Paint: chimney is old blue and chocolate brown. Front: Grey Seas

Tuteur, made by my sister and her husband as a gift for Christmas

I am enjoying the hours spent every day painting and cleaning and sprucing up.  I have never enjoyed yard work this much.  The difference is, I have the time and energy to do it.  It most often feels like a gift: working out the kinks in my joints, strengthening my muscles and feeling the sun on my body are just the side effects, seeing our yard heave a sigh of relief after years of benign neglect is the most gratifying.

After the painting is done, we start work cleaning the garage and putting the slats into the new back fence.

I tell you, I am feeling muscles that I forgot were there.



Tuteur or Muscle said...

I love Tuteur.
I want to see the muscles.
And V with a beer.
Show me the stuff, otherwise I might have to come and take Tuteur.
Y and his friend Jean-Luc are seriously thinking of riding snow mobiles through Canada. If they do would you and V do it too?

Stella said...

Love Yann but not enough to ride a snowmobile through Canada. You'll have to come and stay awhile in a warm house while Yann and his friend embrace the icy Canadian winter...

D said...

The yard is looking fresh and rejuvenated. I love the new paint colour!

Lizette said...

Lovely yard.