Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Counting Blessings Once Again

My computer is not fried.  I just have to put all of my files back onto it.

I don't need a root canal, I just had my bite adjusted.

I think it's just a wart, not a c. even though the doctor hinted it might be.

I like the new house paint color.  Painting is fun.

New barbecue is going up and the landscaping team is coming next week.

The sinus pain is temporary, just have to take some drugs for it.  If I want to work outside that is.  Painting the house kind of makes it necessary...

We have rented Stella for two weeks in July - an unexpected, welcomed rental.

Little jobs are getting done, slowly but surely.  There are a mountain of them but I will just Duracell rabbit my way through them.

Meditation course starts next week.  This will help me sleep better and keep my perspective in check.

All is well...

Terrible days make one appreciate the more ordinary ones.

Have a good one!



BFF in France said...

What the C word!!! Scary. I wish I was next to you. But since I cannot be I trust it is just a W. Glad everything scary has turned out to be a small nuisance and nothing more.

Corey said...

??? Any news? Thinking of you xxx

Corey said...

??? Any news? Thinking of you xxx

Stella said...

All is well, it was a benign growth!