Friday, April 11, 2014

Going to an Auction

One of my favorite home and garden centers has closed.  I am saddened by the news and feel deeply sorry for the couple who ran it with such love and devotion to nature and beauty.  They created an oasis of loveliness in the middle of the city.  I will never forget quiet moments spent in their gardens especially during off season when the light and the quiet were soothing to the soul.

Tomorrow, almost everything on the property is being auctioned off,  from buildings to pots and potting soil to trees and garbage cans.  All has to go.

I've never been to an auction so this is a first for me.  At first, I didn't think I would want to participate but my friend and past owner said that buying would be helpful to them...

I went spotting with my sister today and there were almost 3 000 items tagged for tomorrow's sale.

I have spotted a couple of lovely large urns for our new deck and a flock of concrete birds to perch here and there in our yards front and back.
My sister and I made lists and checked them twice, whittling them down to things we would really like to have with dollar limits for each item.  The lots we get most excited about are those that will allow us to create Versailles boxes (finials) and concrete screw-on shapes to top tuteurs we will be making this spring.

Have a lovely weekend.



Lizette said...

Did you end up bidding on anything to decorate your garden and new deck?

Friendly Flea said...

Bittersweet; Turning something into a new beginning. Your friendship could never do wrong. I hope you brought something from their beautiful place home to nest.

Stella said...

I didn't get anything for my deck because I was freezing and the auction for pots was 3 hours away...