Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Chair

I purchased this lovely Provençal chair a few years ago knowing that the color would have to change.
This fall, I had the time and the opportunity to get small paint pots to do the job.  I painted it a putty kind of color.  Found it a bit sad (my friend told me the look would improve with a cushion) but oh no!  I had to give it a happier color.  Now, it is the color of the rug and I'm really NOT happy with it.

Fortunately, I have sand paper and will have ample opportunity next fall to pick a more suitable color.  The little paint pots come from Luxens.  Should you have any advice to give, I am open to suggestions as I have not made the best choices myself.

Our room decor is going to be centered around this painting.  Although beaten up and frame less, I LOVE it's pastoral theme and especially love the colors. This quilt is going to hang on the quilt stand when it's no in use keeping the occupants of the bed warm in winter months...

What do you think of this color for the chair?  It's called Hourra. Wouldn't the toile look great as a chair cushion on this color?

 This one's called: Levée du jour.



Tica said...

Levée du jour!! And a cushion.

Stella said...

Yes, I agree. Sister D. even thought the original putty color was good. Thanks DC!