Monday, November 11, 2013

A Winner: Cream of Pumpkin Soup

I had to get used to cooking for French people when we're in France.  At first, it fairly scared the #$%?& out of me.  I mean, the French are such good cooks and such good eaters and such discriminating connoisseurs.  What could I possibly cook for them that would make their tummies and taste buds happy?

Corey and Yann came for lunch one day and brought a large potiron.  Potiron is pumkin.  Except this one was wider than ours, the ridges more defined and the flesh a deep orange.

The next time they came over for lunch, I served this cream of pumpkin soup that everybody liked very much.

Thursday, I went to a friend's birthday party supper and brought the soup as my contribution, they loved it too.

The difference with this recipe and many other recipes that I have found is that you ROAST the pumpkin before you use it.

You can find the recipe here.

Now if I could just find an antique soupière to serve it in!

Bon appétit!



Autumn Soup Gal said...

The Best Soup ever!! I roasted the apples too, lol!

Stella said...

What a good idea!

Stella said...

No reason not to roast the carrots and onion too!

Roasting Everything said...

Roasting everything might not be too bad :) I thought you roasted the apples?

Stella said...

No, the recipes call for roasting the pumpkin only but next time I make this, I will roast EVERYTHING!