Saturday, May 9, 2015

Birth of a Recipe

I've hardly taken any pictures since I've been in Cotignac.  Here is one of lunch for one that I made for myself this week.  It's a kind of a salade composée with cubes of beet, grated celeriac salad, tomatoes and chèvre. This lunch for one inspired the creation of a new aperitif tidbit pictured below.

I call it Salad on a Stick. To make it , take a cube of beet (sold cooked and peeled in a vacuum sealed bag here in France) top it  with a leaf of arugula and then a cube of chèvre cheese. Spear a toothpick through all three then drizzle with home-made balsamic vinegar  dressing.  In France, they sell "velours de balsamique" which is a thicker, slightly sweet balsamic vinegar, great for salad dressings.
I served it for the first time Thursday night when I had a couple of friends over for dinner and they loved it, as I knew they would,  for they are French women who are always watching their waistline.  This little appetizer is as delicious as it is low in calories and nutritious.

Love from Cotignac,



stadtgarten said...

This sounds very good!
Have a good time in Cotignac!
Will you be there until the end of May?
Bon weekend, bises, Monika

Stella said...

I am here till May 23 Monika!

Linda said...

Looks delicious! Enjoy your special retreat time. Who knows what wonders are in store?