Monday, May 11, 2015

Un jardin provençal

Yesterday a friend invited my friend and I for tea.  She lives in a beautiful  provençal house which was rebuilt on a ruin using old stones.  Her husband was in construction and loved the outdoors as evidenced by the garden.

We walked the grounds after tea and  marvelled at the numerous wild thyme plants that released their aroma as we tread on them. We also saw wild orchids, rosemary and linen (little purple flowers above). 
The dogs romped and played in the three acres in front of the house.  We did not explore the further seven acres behind it... Our friend lives in a protected area where no new houses can be built.  All of the land is terraced with old stones.  There is an abundance of olive trees and the sixty odd  cedars stand tall as soldiers guarding the land.

We left at 8pm when the sun was dipping and all was calm.  The five kilometers home were on an ancient one lane road winding back to Cotignac. Vlad doesn't like driving this road but Elisabeth and I loved it.  Senses heightened by our nature walk, we noticed all of the flowers on our way home and sang happily along with Joan Baez: Take the ribbon from my hair..."




Linda said...

What a lovely day!

Stella said...

Thanks Linda, I really appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

Magnifique! RB

Lizette said...

The way you write, Denise, puts us right beside you in that beautiful garden.

Oh la la said...