Saturday, January 4, 2014

3-Day Cleanse - Day Two

Green shake ingredients
I am half way through Day 2 and have a bit of a headache.  Some of it due to my eternal problem with my sinuses but some of it is from the cleansing. The authors warn that headaches are a common side-effect of the toxins moving through the body.

I have to say that the green shake first thing in the morning is my favorite.  I may do this when I'm not cleansing.  I know there are a lot of green shake recipes out there that I can try. Here's the recipe for the one I've been having:

Greens with Apple

handful (3 ounces) spinach
3 medium stalks (3 ounces)of kale
2 Golden Delicious apples, cored and quartered
1/2 large cucumber (I am using English) cut into pieces
small handful (1/2 ounce) parsley, long stems removed
1 lemon (peeled)

Run all ingredients through a juicer.

This green shake makes me wake up  and makes my tummy feel good.  Vegetables do that.  I was reading in January's O magazine that we should eat 2 lbs of vegetables per day:

Loading your diet with vegetables will naturally crowd out things you shouldn't be eating... aim for 1 lb raw, 1 lb cooked.... Though two pounds might sound like a lot, a single sweet potato can get you a quarter of the way there...

Gonna have to talk to my vegetable fairy...

Bonne journée,