Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Solstice by Windham Hill

It's a tradition now. Every December 1st, I dig through the bins in my crawl space and retrieve my Winter Solstice music.  O.k. it is not technically winter, that arrives on December 21st somewhere in the world but not in Canada. Here, winter has been comfortably ensconced since somewhere around the beginning of November.  We had that blizzard on November 7th dumping 20+ centimetres of snow and it (winter) has been here to stay since then.

So anyways, back to my favorite going into winter music. It is a series of yearly CDs released by Windham Hill , one per year since 1989.  I think that there are at least 6 CDs in all.  The music, provided by various artists,  can be lyrical and sad, evoking the frozen landscape and the return to darkness and tug at your soul or  festive and joyful and make you want to dance a jig. Before Christmas, I like the mournful tunes best.  It's the darkness before the light when the air is pensive and anticipatory.

 The collection is still available at Amazon here or you can purchase it on iTunes.  

For me, the start of winter and preparation for the Christmas season always starts with this music.  None of my men complain about it so I guess they might even like it too.

Try it, you'll like it.

Here is a taste from YouTube.


Bon dimanche,


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