Monday, December 10, 2012

10 More Sleeps

Our big boy is coming home for Christmas.  We haven't seen him since January 5th.  In 10 sleeps, I can hold him in my arms and give him a big hug.  I can kiss his cheeks and squeeze his arm.  I can cook for him and laugh at his jokes.  I can share a glass of red wine and talk by the fire.  I can go for a walk when it's dark outside and talk about life. I can roll my eyes at his less funny jokes.  I can wake him up by tousling his hair and kissing his forehead.  I can smell where his neck meets his shoulder.  I can weep with joy. 

I can watch he and his father back slap.  I can watch him put his arm around his brother.  I can watch them wrestle.  I will see him talk passionately with his godfather. I will watch him watch the little children.  I will receive compliments for the good food.  I will be asked for advice.  I will be full of love and wonderment at this person who shared a sacred space with me for 9 months and is now, completely an adult.

Bonne journée,


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