Thursday, May 10, 2012

White Rock and Vancouver

View from Dancing Firs Executive Suites

I've had my little spring triplet to the Vancouver and as always, it does not disappoint.  How could it?  The lushness of the abundant greenery, the ocean, the views, beaches, quaint streets, art, and so much more.

 Amongst the many things that we did, we read Emily Carr's Growing Pains, an autobiography.  We had a reading circle around it then, we visited the Vancouver Art Gallery to see some of her works.  Emily Carr is one of Canada's most renowned artists.  Unfortunately, she was in her late sixties before she got any recognition.  She was an original, a visionary.  Her paintings were far ahead of their time.  I didn't expect to enjoy this biography as much as I did.  For a real taste of Canadian spirit, landscape and art, Growing Pains is an excellent read.  My intention is to have my future European guests read it before they come to visit!

This is my friend Mary, owner of Dancing Firs Executive Suites

After that, we went to a Japanese garden: Nitobe, on the UBC campus.  A calm oasis in the middle of a city.  Inspiring!  Mary has been a resident of the area for 50 years.  She makes and excellent guide.  We toured streets full of the pinkness of cherry trees and made a pit stop to Banyen Books.  And there is so much more to do/see.

Good thing I'm going back in the fall!

Have a great day!


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