Monday, April 25, 2016

Au revoir Damien

This is my favorite picture of Damien as an adult. It really captures who he is: calm, deep thinker, quiet, respectful, kind... I took this a few months ago to add to my knitting projects gallery on Ravelry.  He always poses patiently for me to get the right shot.

Well, he's leaving home on Sunday, May 1st.  Going to pursue his studies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the neighbouring province.  It's a pretty little jewel of a city with a lovely Campus and downtown core, perfect really, for Damien to reinvent himself.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this.

So Sunday, my boy and I are getting in the Prius and driving the five or so hours that will separate us at least for the next two years.  He said he will be home at Christmas but probably not at any other time as his program, after-degree Nursing,  is intense and crowded into two whole years of back to back semesters.

I will miss his gentle manner, his respectful, discrete demeanour, the kindness he shows to everyone he interacts with, his blue eyes, the friends he gathers almost weekly at our house and of course, his love and concern for us...

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