Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Have Arrived

It always takes a few days when we arrive in Cotignac, to really feel like we have arrived.  Today, the fourth day here feels like the soul has finally reunited with the body and we are now able to move whole, cogent and deliberate.

As always, the lushness that surrounds us humbles.  For a Canadian the figs, elderberries and olives across from the balcony make for a considerable view.

So here we are, HOME.  Home is where Vlad is, where my body and soul meet, where I am present and am able to hear the sweet noise of children's play, the faraway bark of the neighbor's hounds and the constant dance of the rushing water.

Grateful Stella


Anonymous said...

Toujours heureuse de te lire, Stella! Profites en bien! RB

Stella said...

Merci RB, un jour, tu viendras à Cotignac?

Anonymous said...

OUI!! Un jour, j'irai c'est certain. Mais entre temps, j'économise mes sous, j'admire tes photos et je lis tes mots! ;) RB