Sunday, April 5, 2015

End Semester Inventory

As I write this:

  • I have two classes left to give
  • I have two assignments left to mark  
  • One final exam to administer and mark
  • Damien's birthday on April 8th
  • Reading circle on April 18th (see sidebar for our selection)
  • Packing and preparing for my departure for Cotignac

As I write this:

  • I have completed 12/13 of the winter semester
  • We have celebrated Vlad's birthday with family
  • We have said goodbye to Tristan who flew back to Chicago this morning
  • I have knit 7 projects
  • Read 6 books
  • Gone on too few walks
  • Had too little sun

What's (in the near future) next?

  1. A plane ride or two
  2. Lots of sunshine
  3. A couple outings in Aix-en-Provence
  4. A few brocantes
  5. Several meals with friends
  6. Yoga and meditation
  7. Reading
  8. Many, many walks
  9. Glasses of Rosé
  10. Alone time
  11. Other
What are you looking forward to?

xo Stella


Teresa Young said...

Sounds glorious! Enjoy your journey my friend. Wishing all the best in your travels! Give Yann and Corey a hug for me. Hugs! Teresa

Stella said...

Thank you Teresa!