Thursday, December 11, 2014


When I went to France this year, one of my objectives was to secure a darning egg at the brocante.  I bought a beautiful one in Cotignac but alas, it that has developed a hairline fracture in the last two months as it is very dry here in Alberta.
I also scored at the second-hand store when I found someone's vintage fabric-covered box full of embroidery thread and darning yarn.  I brought a few cards home to use to darn V.'s socks. 
 I like the economy and the ecology of sock-darning.  I have more time now and it makes so much sense to repair a small hole rather than throw two socks away. My friend Corey says that brocanteurs were recycling before it became a trend.
My Mom used to have a flowered biscuit tin to hold all of her darning and embroidery thread and I remember her wearing a thimble... I love vintage sewing notions and think that I'll be looking out for more of these on future trips. 

Do any of you darn? or sew? or knit? 


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Darn Egg W/O U said...

All I do is wait for you to come back to France.