Friday, February 14, 2014

While I've Been Away

While I've been away
I wondered and pondered and
just forgot about it
I came back and looked and
wondered and pondered some more
I saw Oscar-nominated films and
read great books and 
fretted and tossed and turned about 
my lesson plans for my university classes
knitted and knitted and entertained
visited my favorite blogs and 
wondered and pondered some more
till yesterday when I went to an author's 
lecture and she recited a poem that I felt
compelled to share with you
I didn't know when I would be back
It takes a poem!

Love, Stella

p.s. Will share said poem another time...


Anonymous said...

Ça aussi c'est de l'amour. RB

Ms. Longfellow said...

good news.
poem encourages blogger.
knitting and books entertained.
films too.
thank you poem!
see you soon.

Nancy said...

So glad your back! Missed you so.Heartfelt Thanks for your inspiring heartwarming posts.